We care about the impact our business has on our nature. Keeping that in mind we try our best to minimize the damage the textile industry leaves behind. We are dedicated to reflecting our fundamental brand values of integrity and transparency.

As We official, we are committed to improving ourselves on social and environmental practices. From ethical manufacturing to our packaging, we aim for the reflection of our values.


Each month we choose a charity to donate a percentage of the sales made online by customers.

In order to reduce the impact our business has on our planet and continue to help save our environment, for every online order we plant 1 tree.



Be completely sustainable and use biodegradable materials by 2022.

Make use of all the fabric pieces left from the production.

Cooperation with charities in order to improve negative environmental effects.

Innovate and introduce new materials in collections such as pineapple leather; sustainable knitted fabrics and etc.

Work with a woman organization to provide opportunities for women; donate excess/unused fabric to them and as a result, they can create marketable items.



We produce a limited amount of quantities in order to reduce unnecessary waste and limit the environmental impact.

We use recyclable e-commerce packaging and satchels.

We work with a made to order business model with our makers to avoid over ordering and waste.