Refreshing and Effortless designs
WE official is founded by the cooperation of two sisters with different educational backgrounds; engineering and fashion. Ezgihan Talay graduated from Central Saint Martins London University’s textile design department and Ozgehan Talay graduated from Nottingham University electronics and computer engineering. Having been inside textile industry for twenty years as a family business, we witnissed harmful effects behind the process of manufacturing and distribution. Our story started combining our strenghts with the goal of being ethical and sustainable.

Inspired by nature, designed by elegance.
We Official, takes its inspiration from the primitve beauty of nature. The designs are planned with aesthetic details and various engineered ways to wear it, allowing freedom to WE women. Our designs are simple, minimalist yet original pieces that fit any wardrobe. From long bindings to deep V cuts, we aim for accessible luxury brand with modern sophistication and elegance.

The garments made in We official are designed to last instead of once or twice worn clothing produced by fast fashion industry. We source locally as much as possible because we believe in the transparency of our process. We use fabrications and materials only derived from natural compositions in each and every design. The garments are produced in our own workshop by paying attention to every detail. Fabrications and fibres used, includes linen, cupro, tensel, hemp and cotton textiles and yarns from traceable origins. With the developing technology, the variety of fabrics that are respectful to the nature is increasing, as We Official, we aim to carry these innovations to our designs with excitement. Cupro which is also known as vegan silk is widely used due to its longevity and luxuries feeling of silk with zero animal protein.

Conscious and timeless fashion
We believe that sustainability is equally important, knowing who makes your garments and supporting local craftsmen. Consequently we produce according to a code of conduct which involves no forced labor or child labor and legally applicable monthly wages with safe and secure environment.

We imagined WE and VIZYONWE women as a timeless company that prioritizes bringing comfort to the heart and mind, and with the feeling of luxury.

You can find more information on sustainability on here.

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